need bathroom vanity ideas?

My husband & I are adding a bathroom to our basement. We don't have TONS of space, but have found the shower & toilet that will work (both are white).
We like some of the modern styled vanities but are finding them to be ridiculously expensive 00 – 00 for the sink & vanity. We don't need to go dirt cheap, but we think more than ,500 is just nuts.
We actually need to keep the vanity to no more than 31 inches wide so we aren't looking for anything too big.

Does anyone know of websites or brands we could check out that have bathroom sinks & vanities that are nicer than the off the shelf Home Depot & Lowes products but aren't grand plus?
Our goal is to stay under ,000 for the sink + vanity, but for one we LOVE we'd probably go up to ,500.


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