New installation of bathroom sink, faucet, ankle stops and pipe- but has small leak?

A couple of days ago, I had someone install the following in the bathroom using all new parts.
A sink on top of a wooden vanity.( only original old part) Ankle stops, faucet, and new pipes.
I noticed that at the bottom of the vanity below the sink there was some moisture due to a leak.
I placed a container at the spot where there was a leak, and I noticed a few hours later that there was about 10 to 20 drops of water contained there.
When I run the water at full speed, there is no leakage found at that time. It only shows up a few hours later. When I touch the bottom of the sink, the ankle stops and pipe I do not feel any moisture.
Years ago, I had similar work done on a different sink and a similar leakage was present until the drips suddenly stopped leaking maybe a few weeks later.

Why does this happen that there is a small leakage and a few days later it would stop. I am hoping that this leak will stop on its own just like it did in the past on a similar installation. Please explain why this happens or ideally provide a link to something I can read that explains the problem and solution.
But, I do not want to read anything that is NOT related to the above described problem.

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