New Tongue Piercing, Doing Some Weird Stuff??!!?

Okay so today is sunday and I got my tongue pierced thursday afternoon. This is my second time getting it done because the first time the listering I was using was so strong on my gums i was in pain so i took it out. But im not using as much listerine and my gums are fine.

So, my tongue piercing is doing a few weird things and i dont know if its normal, I would go see a piercer but there all closed on sundays where i live.

1. There is a HUGE indent on the top of my tongue where the ball rests and it looks like its getting bigger, almost sinking into my tongue, is that normal?
2. The bottom ball is also making in indent on the bottom of my mouth. Normal?
3. yellow slimey stuff coming from the bottom hole after i eat??
4. Around the tongue piercing itself its like really really really hard and its freakin me out, it almost feels like scar tissue but theres alot. is that just because its still swollen and healing?
5. When will the swelling go down? its been three days.
6. My gums are a little inflamed, normal?
7. When can i eat normal food and not have to worry about whether or not its dairy?

Also, He said he put a long bar in that way i can change it when it heals a little more and the swelling goes down, but I have a normal tongue ring and held it up next to the one in my mouth and its the same size, so im confused why people say that you can go shorter with the bar, arent they all the same size???

Lots of questions I know, i just want to be safe. Thanks :)

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