No water coming out of any faucets or toilet home?

Me and my cousin just rented a house and are supposed 2 move in tomorrow morning. we were actually supposed to move in last month but some pipes froze and burst and caused the ceiling to collapse (it was a mess). Anyway, since then the landlord has repaired everything including the pipes, new faucets, whole new sink, etc. Me and my cousin went over there this morning to clean the house and get ready to move stuff in tomorrow. As we were getting ready to mop the floors we turned the water on in the kitchen sink and it was very low water pressure that lasted for about 3 minutes and then the water slowed even more until it was only dripping from the faucet. I went upstairs and checked the bathroom sink and tub faucets and there was no water at all coming out of them. the tub and sink faucet in the bathroom made almost a gurgling noise and that was it. We tried to flush the toilet as well but it didn’t flush. We went in the basement and tried adjusting the valves on the water meter but nothing helped.
We called the landlord but he said that he can not get over there until tomorrow but we really want to clean before we move our stuff in. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this problem? I’m pretty sure the pipes aren’t frozen because it isn’t cold enough outside for them to freeze and they are all new pipes so i can’t see how a clog would be causing this problem!!
Thanks in advance :)
We checked the valves underneath the sinks as well and nothing happened then either….we can’t call the water department because they are closed today and i’m not sure if they would consider this an emergency situation because we are not actually living in the home yet.
i also unscrewed the part of the faucet where the screen thingy is and tried running the water and it was the same thing.
i called the water departments emergency telephone number and they told me that they did not shut the water off from the street but they cannot send anyone out there to service the house because there is a past due balance of 00 from the last tenants….

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