Old house- copper grounding rod laid on pipe and electrical charge on my shower pipes..?

I have a house from the 40s or 50s (don’t remember exactly what year..) It’s older and has ISSUES. But i’m broke and price was right. lol. SO i’ve pulled all the sheet rock from bath to remodel it and have that plastic sheeting up in shower as I live here while i’m working on it.. We’ve owned this for a few years, I mention this because randomly between apartments or whatever this has been a fall back living situation for us- so we have used shower for like 4 years and some reason just now am noticing electric current to shower. But also I just now removed the sheet rock and exposed pipe. Maybe it made it more apparent by doing this. I don’t know.

Other than pulling this sheet rock I haven’t moved anything or nailed anything into walls where it’d hit electrical. I do have all my sheetrock pulled in the house and where the electrical is old, its all in tact. BUT what I did notice is after I got under house to inspect, I do see a copper rod thats maybe 2 or 3 feet long and it does have electric wire coming out of one end. I understand on older houses they used the pipes to ground the house. Now I just use the word ground, i’m in no way understanding what it means. ha. I kind of understand how a basic circuit works but don’t know what it means to ground something. SO I know this is a copper grounding rod.. Its just loosely across the pipe that leads right the shower from what I see. There are no pipes above it or directly around it that it could have fallen from and created this electric in my shower.. SO then how do I fix this?? Sink and everything else is just fine, no electric in there. Gas water heater so thats not the issue. And the electric mainly flows through the pipe when water is running. I also see some talk of a wire running to the water meter. The city geniuses did just dug out our water meters so they could redo them and add the wireless reader to it… Could they have disconnected this ground wire and just covered it up?? I know they won’t pay it but I have to fix this. This is my only shower so I really need it to not be electricuting me. Lol.

Some guy onine did suggest on the shower side of pipe using some pvc to break the path to the shower. Would this work or do I still risk the electric running into my water instead of along the pipe? Is that possible? I have no clue and cannot hire anyone to fix this. If I can figure it out though, I know how to flip a breaker box and can reroute the copper ground rod if need be or whatever works. Just dont wanna have to dig a trench or anything extensive right now. Idea now is to keep this house hanging on by a thread and not spend a penny more and it just needs to last me 4 years till college is out then i’m moving to finish school in a larger metro area and selling it and then its someone elses problem. I will disclose all issues of course. ha. Not looking to kill anyone.. SO what can I do? Help please! I don’t make much money and am going to college so funds are lowww. I gave up my car payments and sold the car and got a 0 car if this explains to you how broke I am. Ha. Thank you so much and it does mean a lot.

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