Opinion on my tirade about the airlines?

This started off as talking about my plane ride home yesterday through IM, and it launched into a full scale tirade. After a while it started to get kinda comedic, I think xD

Anyway, just wanted to get your opinions/relations/etc. on this:

"Speaking of airplanes, you’re never gonna believe this
"We have pillows and blankets available for a price of ." !! EIGHT DOLLARS! I just have to repeat that one more time because it is so monumentally ridiculous that I cannot even begin to fathom it–EIGHT! DOLLARS!!
but you know what? oh yeah, you know what?
I brought my car blanket and my jacket, both of which will be way more comfortable than that SANDPAPER you pass off as a pillow and blanket and make people pay for, and I’m gonna have the best sleep of ANYBODY on this airplane, and it ain’t gonna cost me a PENNY. So I just have two words for you, American Airlines: GET. EFFED.
It’s not gonna get better, just worse
You hear about that Irish airline THAT CHARGES FOR BATHROOM USE?!?!?!?
You have to pay like, a buck fifty or something to squeeze into that tiny little bathroom that you can barely fit in and has no water coming out of the sink or in the toilet and is so ill equipped in the way of support bars that anytime you have turbulence (and you most assuredly will, because the worst turbulence of a plane ride, as a rule, automatically comes when you’re trying to use the bathroom) you’ll end up falling to the floor. And while we’re on this tirade in regards to the airlines, ever notice that the pilot will turn the seat belt sign on and tell everyone to get back in their seats, and everyone will keep scrambling around the cabin not paying attention, and then the stewardess will shout into the PA, "SIT DOWN!" in a shrill voice? Hmmm…I wonder if the pilot and the stewardess sleep together sometimes…
"Fly the friendly skies." Now, if you ask me, the skies are friendly. They’re blue and cheerful and full of nice fluffy clouds…but that doesn’t mean the people flying IN them are friendly. I mean, you hear the safety video end with "we thank you for coming to fly the friendly skies with us" and then you see the guy sitting next to you lighting a match.

And notice that, as a rule, it is always extremely turbulent when the seat belt sign is off and completely smooth when it’s on? It’s almost like a secret code. "Okay…the seat belt sign is ON now…that means we’re free to move about the cabin, and when they turn it OFF, we better go back to our seats" And you know what I really dislike? This term "nonstop." Now I don’t know about you, but I tend to prefer if the plane stops. Preferably at an airport. And "luggage carousel." Why the heck do they say THAT? Are they implying it’s supposed to be a bunch of horses on a merry go round bringing you your luggage on their backs? Because if there’s anything about a luggage carousel, it’s that it is the exact opposite of a carousel. And airlines wonder why they lose their business to Southwest. Well, I’ll tell you why that is, that’s because your luggage flies free, the tickets are 0 cheaper than any other airline, they don’t charge you for pillows and blankets, and, holy, they’re actually kinda COMFORTABLE, their flight attendants are more entertaining than the movies they show on other airlines, they finally got service to/from Boston Logan, and they don’t treat their first class passengers like royalty and their coach passengers like criminals. Southwest Airlines: the only good airline around anymore. American Airlines: PWNED. Southwest used to be cruddy by airline standards, cause they never did anything to make the flight comfortable, you had to change planes just to go from L.A. to Salt Lake City, but Southwest got a lot better and the other airlines got so much worse that I’d say they are truly, by now, the best airline I’ve ever flown. Not earlier.
A few years ago I wouldn’t have said that.
But now I’m saying that.
And to top this tirade of mine off, let me tell you the worst airline flight I’ve ever had. So bad I even remember the date. July 27, 2007. Boston to Los Angeles, just like the flight I took yesterday. American Airlines. Scheduled departure: 7 p.m. Actual departure: 10:30 p.m. Time spent sitting on the tarmac: 3 1/2 hours. My bedtime that night: 4 a.m., which to my body still set on
Eastern Time, would have been 7 a.m. Compensation? NONE. –tirade over–
Sorry, that was a long tirade xD"

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