Orlando Tile Installation. Anyone know a good company?

Anyone know a good tile installation company in Orlando, Florida? My husband and I want to remodel our bathroom. We need a company that installs Travertine for the shower which is a type of limestone. Marble or Granite for the bathroom sink. We’ve hired a tile installation company a couple years ago to install tile in our living room… but weren’t too happy with the job. Some tiles cracked after a couple months and the grout wasn’t a good quality. I have searched online for companies that install tile but is too expensive. I’m not sure if I need to search for a ceramic installation or tile installation company in Orlando, Florida. Anyway, if anyone can direct us to a reputable tile installation company in Orlando, Florida… that would be great. Thank you. We also need a recommendation for a company that sells Travertine, Granite, and Tile for a great price. Thanks again.

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