Our repair man wrecked our bathroom?

Today we had a repair man come in to fix our hot water. He worked on it for about 3 hours before he told us he couldn’t fix it and that we’d have to call a plumber, packed up his stuff, and left. I went into the bathroom after he left only to find it completely trashed! The entire floor and the carpet outside the bathroom door is soaked, the counter and everything on it was soaked, not to mention the layer of dirt and gravel covering the bottom of the tub that he tracked in with him. I had an ipod dock and an electric wax warmer on the counter which are now completely waterlogged. The drawer next to my sink is filled with about a quarter inch of water, and it’s contents are basically ruined.

So my question is, should I report this guy?! Or is this kind of thing normal?! I have not had much experience with this, but I was under the impression that they were supposed to clean up after themselves before they left. How could I go about reporting him, or getting reimbursed for my ruined electronics?

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