Parents blame me for every little thing? What should I DO?

My parents, specifically my mom blames me for everything and anything when I didn’t do anything wrong. For example, she makes notes for me each morning on what I need to do cleaning wise and school wise, but sometimes she makes notes just blaming me for stuff like today. She said I through out her favorite cup (cheap dollar store kind) and I did it to get back at her, then she goes on yelling how I have to pay her back and from now on everything is just going to be blamed on me and she said specifically your not cool and your not cute and I could make ur life very hard on you if you keep not listening. Im like wtf? What cup? Why in the hell am I going to through a cup away for no reasons, I don’t even have a reason to get back at her because to be honest, I could care less if I have to clean or not. And this is not just once but always, and personally I think she just makes things up on purpose to punish me, like another example is she said she doesn’t want any bars of soap on the bathroom sink from now on and to use only liquid soap. I clean the bathroom everyday and I make sure each time I clean it that there is no soap, well this one day I went to the bathroom and when I washed my hands i saw a bar of soap, I moved it and put liquid soap. After 5 minutes later she has a family discussion and starts yelling about there is a bar of soap in the bathroom still even tho I moved it and she didn’t realize it. Its weird how something little goes missing and then boom she automatically knows its gone and blames me before I ever even know the situation.
There is no talking to her because she doesn’t like what she hears she will scream and yell, and i’m getting drained to death because of it. She gives me long lists of hours of cleaning and I do do what I can but its exhausting and she just doesn’t quit. Everyday theirs something, and i think she did something with the cup or something because I swear they have tried to set me up so many times, and sometimes I catch it and fix it before it happens but not always.

I swear she thinks its a game because she says in her notes its ur fault and playback games are fun but you can’t win, and everything is going to be on you from now on. And she trys to say I do it because I don’t like cleaning, but i’m not stupid either I know what she does and I don’t even stooped to her level. I think she gets mad and makes shit up because I don’t cry or do anything back to her, I never complain, I never talk back, and I never disrespect them. This to me is very concerning because even when I don’t do anything back to her, she makes stuff up and punishes me anyways and this has go on to long!! I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t, this might also help you guys figure out whats wrong because its stressing me like no other! She ain’t even my biological mother either and it concerns me because her and her boyfriend both threaten to thro me out already when im 18!! and i’m just 16 still! She is like my parental guardian and I have no clue what to do now because good or bad, its still my fault and Im still paying for it. Then what makes me mad on top of it is she gets all of my death benefit money, which is over 200 a month which soon it will be 400. She makes me work hours and hours of cleaning, gets all my money, then I have to pay her on top of it for things I know for a fact I didn’t do. What can I do!! I’vee tried following the list and stuff but that doesn’t work, there is no talking to her, and i’m getting drained. She is always negative and always tries to put me down, which she can’t because i’m not stupid, I know what is real and whats not, I’m just stuck in a sticky situation and I got no clue what to do now.

p.s the only one who makes me do that stuff is her, no one else but they do both seem to blame me for bs! Like one day they ecuse me of throwing away a math book because I didn’t want to do the work (Lies), then they told me to find the book and at that time I didn’t even know it was missing, then all of a sudden I can’t find it. Then she comes and makes me work my ass off and ground me for like a month plus told me i have to pay for another book which is 70$ they say (which is bs cuz ik its 30) but then the school gave me another book free, and like honestly would you blame your kid for random shit and do all this? Like seriously, wtf is wrong with this picture?? but then again i’m not her kid, and I think jealousy has another role in it! All her kids (same age as me) like me and including her boyfriend, they all like me but her! she in family meetings always tries to get people against me and when they defend me she goes crazy!!! she is manipulator and I can see right through her, don’t you think a 16 year old would have better things to do then to play payback games by throwing a dollar store cup away? Honestly idk wat to do and im thinki

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