Please help with bathroom wiring….?

I need help with my bathroom… There are two switches, one for the heater/light and the other one for the vanity light and fan, I would really like to put the fan and the heater on one switch and the vanity light on the other because at the moment you have a choice of noise and light or heat and light, both of which are rubbish. I am going to try and explain the wiring behind the switch, it would be easier to draw but apparently i can’t do that, so here goes…

Light Switch One (LS1) operates the vanity light and fan.
Light Switch Two (LS2) operates the heater/light
Inside the wall there three sets of wires, one from the bottom (WI) and two coming from the top (WO1, WO2).
There are also two pigtails (PT1, PT2)

Here goes…
LS1 has two black wires, ones goes to WO1 the other to PT1.
LS2 has two red wires, ones goes to WO1 the other to PT1.
WI has two wires, white and black, one goes to PT1 the other to PT2
WO1 has three wires the red and white I have already mentioned and the third goes to PT2
WO2 has four wires, the two white ones go to PT2 and the two black ones go to PT1.

Ok thats it, I would maybe suggest drawing what I have written if that is possible, any help would be amazing!!! sorry that my description is a bit odd, as you can tell I don’t normally do things with electrics, but don’t worry I turned the power off etc.

Thank you!!!

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