Please help with my new angelbites!?

okay, so i already have snakebites and they healed up fine despite me being abit naughty with them (changing the bars to retainers for school every weekend :( ) and i recently got angelbites… the day i got the pierced they seemed fine, everyone commented saying how painless they looked! a little red on the outside but otherwise fine.. the day after and my lip swelled a fair bit…. now one of my angelbites has behaved itself, yet the one on MY left side has kind of embedded into my lip on the outside, the ball is like SINKING into my lip… i thought this could be to do with swelling, so i have been using ice and Nurofen (anti inflammatory) but to no avail. the ball seems to have created a crater the SIZE of the ball… its strange to say the least. i clean in the morning and at night with anti bac soap, and non alcoholic mouthwash… they were pierced with a 10mm bar too. HELP!

Heres the pic anyway, make of it what you will……


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