Please suggest a title for my poem?

It's about Physics…

This combination of math and science called physics
Is bursting with fun, knowledge, happiness and magic
A colorful splotch of pure awesomeness
Just right for a dose of some useful cleverness

Physics answers all our curious questions
Providing the solutions through explorations
It may be classical or modern
Teaching us the facts we shouldn’t unlearn

Beauty and magnificence it shows
Explains the appearance of the most vibrant rainbows
It measures a thing’s speed and velocity
And states the concepts of a force called gravity

Materials have elasticity and ultimate strength
That may cause a change in volume, shape or length
They also have the ability to float or sink
Depending on the kind like copper or zinc

Physics is challenging like a confusing maze
Yet it doesn’t fail to amaze
A wonderful world of which I am very fond
I love Physics to infinity and beyond

Thanks. LOL. I know. It's terrible. Please just help me. Ahahaa.


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