Problems getting the right size for vanity and top during bathroom remodel?

I'm in the process of planning for a bathroom remodel, and I'm somewhat uncertain about the sizing of the vanity and top. My bathroom is 60″ stud-to-stud, so my interior measurements wind up being 59.5″.
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Originally I thought I could install a 60″ vanity, but it turns out that the original is actually 48″ with 5 3/4″ fillers on either side. I'll be able to replicate the size with a different cabinet layout (24″ base with 15″ drawer cabinets and 3″ fillers on either side) and I'll need to trim down the fillers about 1/4″ on either side.
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That leads me to two main questions. First, what do I do about the vanity top? Standard tops are 61″ – am I stuck ordering something completely custom, or is there some type of 59.5″ flush fit top that I don't know about. Secondly, does anyone have any additional tips about the vanity size itself? I don't mind trimming the fillers, but it becomes another area where I can screw up.


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