Question about my phone insurance?

when i was bored ages ago i removed the water detection sticker on my batter of my w995. i dont know why. lol

but then i dropped my phone in the sink two days ago and it got wet and wont work and you can blatantly tell it has water damage as the inside of the screen is wet.

i am covered with water damage on my insurance but i was wondering whether it will matter if there is no water detection sticker because you can see the screen is wet and so the insurance company wont need to check the red sticker.
is that right? or do they need the sticker to void the repair?

oh, one more thing: do you know if they will replace the screen or replace the whole phone ?

thanks :)
9 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.

by the way i have the 50pound insurance policy with premierplan from phones4u

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