question re bathroom mirror?

we are remodeling our 1980's bathroom.we want to keep the vanity because it is solid wood and has loads of storage.It is 60×22. Their is an older large outdated mirror above the vanity. I want to add 2 mirrors above the vanity or one large one.Which would look best.It is not a double there is only one person in there at a time,we have another bath in the basement.the vanity top is in good condition.Going to replace the sink and faucets.My question is what width and length should the mirrors be and how far should I space them there any rule to follow.I may just go with one large mirror but that seems real expensive..thanks in advance
its a large mirror and it has a frame around so I dont' know if i could remove the frame and put up moulding or if the glass is attached to the frame.It kinda looks like a french provincial style with a lot of curves and detail and I have no idea cause the mirror was there when we moved in.


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