Radom Question! 10 points for the best answer!?

You are on a cruise ship with your family when suddenly it is struck by a large wave. After several minutes you awaken to find that you are the only survivor and the ship is sinking!! You have only a few precious moments to choose what items to take with you…you will only be able to carry 6 items…but which 6 will you choose?

Items Available (remember, you can only choose 6)
Pink hairbrush
Damaged Cellphone
an Empty cardboard box
Pile of tangled rope
Gold plate
Dirty white blanket
Half used box of tissues
Half filled suitcase of clothes
Large bottle of still water
Fishing rod
Broken Mirror
3 splintered wooden planks
Bottle of uknown grey liquid
15" metal pipe
Tin of Polish
Crate containing tins of baked beans
Black wallet
Brass Lighter
Tube of toothpaste
Pile of paper
Green Dress
100 dollar bill
Bar of soap
Tin of dolphin friendly Tuna
Pack of playing cards

Once you have made your selection you must explain why you chose the items you did!

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