Re-piping vs slab leak repair costs and effectiveness?

My house was built in 1962 and I am almost positive that none of the plumbing piping has been replaced. I recently got a slab leak that trickles through the kitchen tile. I called around looking for estimates on how much it would cost to repair a slab leak and no one can say unless they come out. Does anyone here know?

The woman who I spoke to did say that if they fix a slab leak a new leak could occur in a few weeks or even before the repair man leaves. I do not have home owners insurance and I cannot afford to keep fixing leak after leak so I decided to look into re-piping the house, again no one can give me a rough estimate over the phone, anyone here know? The house is very small just under 1000 square feet 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen sink, 1 washer in the utility room all lined up in a convenient straight line.

Any help is appreciated, thank you :)
Neglected to say that I believe the piping we have now is copper and if I chose to re-pipe I would use pvc piping

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