Read my intro please?

Oh yes, another one of these. Heh, anyway, this is something I randomly started today and wanted to know what you might think about it. Any opinions, suggestions, or anything would be awesome. Thanks again.

I awoke to the familiar feeling of cold metal underneath my cheek and the dizzying smell of antiseptic. I groaned and blinked open my eyes, my head pounding, making my vision pulse in and out. I saw the cold bars in front of my face, the oh so simple pattern of criss-cross bars that held me infinitely inside this dungeon.
I groaned and sat up, my six by six foot cell world coming into focus. I breathed in deeply then shivered. It was cold, winter was setting in. I leaned against the metal wall, swallowing thickly, my throat screaming for water. I watched as two scientists passed and then passed by againsoon after , dragging a young boy along back with them. I clenched my fists and narrowed my eyes, snarling in frustration that I couldn’t do anything.
I lashed out, kicking the cell bars, not even bending them. I sank to the ground, my hands clutching the bars and turning my fingers white. A gruff laugh echoed around me, like sandpaper. I stopped and looked up, seeing a large guard, muscles bulging, a cruel, cold expression pasted on his face.
“You haven’t learned, have you? None of you have. You’re never going to leave. Well, until you die maybe, but until then you’re staying right here. With me,” he spat, chuckling to himself. I frowned and looked away.
Sound came from down the hall and I backed up, knowing they were coming to get someone to test on. Two scientists stopped at my cell door, unlocked it, and walked in. I growled and threw a drop kick at the short one’s shoulder, feeling the bone bend. I knocked a clipboard from the other’s hand and spun, cracking him in the side of the head, making him drop like a stone. Then the guard entered the cell. I gulped and rolled to the door and. . . wasn’t stopped. I bounced to my feet and set off in a dead sprint down the hall. As I passed I saw the faces of the others, some cheering me on to escape and others staring at me, knowing that another chance for escape had passed them by.
I pumped my arms, taking in gulps of air. And that’s when the guard caught up to me. He launched himself at me, swiping my legs from under me. I flew forward, rolling and crashing into someone’s cell bars. Feeling the guard grabbing me, I twisted my leg and kicked out, landing a hard and lucky kick in the nose. His nose was smashed in and then blood starting gushing out. His eyes widened and he snarled, swinging a punch at my face. It landed. Pain exploded in the side of my head and instinctively rolled to the right, jumping up. The guard did the same, facing me. Dizziness started to take over me, my legs swaying, and the bright lights above me blacking out and swirling. I looked to the guard. He wiped blood on his sleeve and reached in his pocket and pulled out. . . a gun. I froze, my limbs turning to lead as I stood rooted to the ground.
He cocked it and leveled it out to my head. He set his finger on the trigger, his hand tightening-
“Don’t shoot you idiot! Kill him and I’ll kill you!” A shout came and then a bolt of pain shot up my spine, electricity buzzing through me. I slumped sideways, trying to reach out one more time.


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