Repost then retire. Poem thoughts?

The Rest of Days

Today marks the rest of days
Bested by words, turns
Circumstance, worlds
that will not draw to me
For better flesh waits
Younger, finer
An appetite for life
While I stand full
of commitments and folly
that no man would or can
possibly seek
A silence lies with me
in empty rooms
Where busy hands
keep thoughts from winking
They knew of
the inevitable sink
that comes when vessels land
on battered shores
A salted siren
it seems, at times
without trying
Too old now to be noticed,
Too young for crawling
under stones
that are too dirty
for even the dark
to live among
No, one won’t fall under
Just plunder
among indifference
and self-loathing
With smaller versions
In hand, that is life
Bringing a love
that also confines
No regrets in this diatribe
Just a realization
A slight panic
Pocketed in time
before it unleashes
It grip on an already
Heavy heart
Full in awareness
That there is no prize
No other half no sighs
From lovers breath
Watch years fly
Just a slow bleed
Until one dies
With no ‘other’
To kiss goodbye
No worries BG, I meant retiring the piece to my archives of poetry. I will continue to write

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