RHH:what do you think of the lyrics?

just 16 bars I wrote to go with the verse I wrote the other day…what do you think…if you don’t like it how would you improve?

Look, give me my space like I’m a extraterrestrial
yes a spectacle, just wait I bust like I gotta extra testicle
let’s get technical, I’m a beast with the ink pen
I’m not susceptible, I feast on weak men
unleashed and creep-in’,with clipse bigger than pusha Tand malice
most of these rappers is puss-e and I’m the phallus
callous, now let’s call out biters injectin’ venom causin’ paralysis
paralyzing hip hop, so I’m intercepting wisdom so my bars are dialysis
filtering the foul as shit, out and I don’t think you wanna battle wits
I’ma sink you’re battleship, fill this cup…drink n’ shatter it
then I get the glass to cut your ass til ya gastric antacid leaks
send these bastards to where the maggots eat, this bastard’s elite
top level make it rain-man, check the forecast
I’m the storm that’s reinin’, bet I’ll score last
on a highlight reel ESPN top 10 an amazin’ play
and hind sight will reveal I’m GSP on a Penn I make’em pay

lol too bad I was rooting for Penn tonight I don’t know if any of you follow MMA but BJ Penn got owned by GSP, I had to drowned my sorrows in beer which lead to weed which lead to the verse above me, lol.
@Joe A, yeah I get what you’re saying, but I don’t think the rhyme scheme got in the way of my point, but thanx for the feedback.

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