Rinse Cycle on Washer backing up in bar sink…what do i do? Also, what is this plumbing tool?!?

In my finished basement, my washer sits directly behind a wall from the sink in my small bar kitchen. On the floor in that kitchen there is a covered drain with a “clean out”?!? When my washer hits rinse cycle, the water exits the washer into the tube, into a pvc pipe that disappears through the wall into a “T” under the sink. Normally it would drain out and the backup into the sink would be very minor. I know this doesn't sound ideal, but it was working and i've only owned the house 2 years so i didn't complain.

Now, when it hits drain before rinse and spin, the sink overflows unless i interrupt the drain cycle and give it time to recede. Now, on the floor the covered (softball size manhole cover with swisscheese like holes in it) drain makes gurgling noises. The house is 50 years old.

My questions are as follows…

A) Can i pour any drain cleaners down the sink or into the floor drain? I don't wait to destroy old pipes that could be infested quite possibly with roots of the large trees in my back yard.

B) What is the name of the device that's like a balloon that you can screw onto a hose…i thought i could use one of these to build pressure up and push the clog out of the underground pipe that appears to be clogged.

C) From the sounds of this situation, what would you recommend overall. Thanks for your help!!


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