scary backyard zombie dream? is it real?

ok sorry for the long story but here r the characters: mom,dad,papas:5 yrs old,julie:2, Abby:16yrs,me:13 (these r all nicknames i call me family) OK so this is how it started it was early in the morning and i go downstairs and eat breakfast about 8:32am and then i tell my mom that im gonna water my plants so open my sliding glass door that Leeds to the back yard and i just keep watering them and then i noticed that all the water is sinking into a hole in the mud the hole was as big as a basketball and was soo dark then i saw arms and legs coming out and i saw zombies they were coming out and i was soo scared i ran inside the house and told my parents and then they saw the zombies and locked the sliding glass door and put a half broken broom up against it so they wouldn’t come out and then she notcied the windows were open and they were trying to get in so she closed them and put crow bar and sticks on all of them and closed the blinds i was soo scared actually my hole family was scared and my sister came speeding down stairs and told us that there was zombies climbing the walls and trying to go in through our upstairs windows soo i ran upstairs and closed my window and when i went to my little sisters room there was a zombie climbing through the window so i pushed him off and ran away briskly closed the window and locked it

then the slidng glass door lock broke and the zombies hand could fit in through the slits of the doors but the crow bar was our only hope so we streched it as far as we could and slammed the sliding door shut my dad yelled and said to pack everything in bags and get in our minnie van so i rushed upstairs ,(i was so scared go up stairs by myself ) and packed 6t-shihrts 2 sweaters 1 jacket 3 jeans and 4 underwear and 5 socks …i remembered what i packed , ok and then i huried and crabbed my phone,brush,tooth brush/paste,and ran downstairs then my sister abby grabbed one of her bb guns opened the sliding glass door a bit and started shooting at the zombies ,she kept cussing at them and shooting but they wouldnt die soo she decided to stick her hand out and shoot them then one grabbed her arm and pulled her out and they all started eating my sister abby i was so scared and i started crying and my family all cryed but then

the crow bar broke and all the zombies came flooding in they just kept coming and more coming out of the hole in my back yard and theres was about 14 of them and i picked up my baby sister and ran upstairs and my dad picked up my little brother and my mom through all our packing bags on the ground and ran upstairs then we went inside my moms and dads room and locked the door shut then we heard the zombies coming up stairs and pounding at the door soo my dad took a ladder from underneath the bed and opened the window thats at the front of our house from our room and put the ladder there i went first down the latter then my brother papas then i wetn back up and helped my little sister julie and then my mom and my dad came down and closed the window from the outside and moved the latter out the way we ran to our next door neighbors house and went inside but they were all dead while the zombies were eating there flesh soo we got in our car and drove to a hotel ……finally we parked in the drive way and the hotel was old so we went in and payed and ran all the way up to the 4th floor and stayed in room 205 and then i looked outside r window and the zombies were coming upstairs on the first floor ,then 2…………then 3………..then they were on our floor trying to open every door and smelling each door hand then they stopped on our door handle and tryed to come in we were all screaming and crying and then the zombies came in and ate my little sister my mom and my dad i was crying soo badly and i ran inside the bathroom with my little sister and brother and locked the door and then it was silent…………………………………….soo silent you could here us breath…………………………….and the zombies nocked the door down and took my borther and sister away and on zombie bit my neck then…………………………i woke up (this is in real life i think) i woke up its about 4:25am and i look outside my room door in my house and notice that it was not dream and i saw my mom getting ready for work downstairs and and then i closed my window in my room and saw 5 zombies walking and then they paused and looked up at my and startingf making ughhh grrrr noises and tryed climbing i shut the window locked it and put down the blinds

then i ran downstairs and told my mom and my mom didnt believe me soo i slept down stairs on the couch cause i was to scared to go upstairs and i dozed off then my mom left and i just woke up right now and i got off the couch and i just remembered …….that wasnt a dream im not joking people im the only part that was a dream was my huge story thats all please help i think there is real zombies .

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