Seniors, (or not-so-seniors) have you remodeled your bathroom and changed the old sink to a vessel?

I desperately need advice regarding vessels as a sink. I love the way they look, but are they practical? I asked a similar question in “Home Improvement,” but haven't gotten any answers. We are trying to update our house so that it will be more attractive to younger buyers when we decide to move. So, do you like your vessel or not?
To Arty, et al: This will be on a vanity so there will be storage. It's no longer a passing trend. They've been around for many years. This is going into our powder room, not our master bathroom. The idea here is to have a striking guest powder room.
WHAT IS WITH THE HOSTILITY, FOLKS? I just want to know if you've actually used a vessel sink and whether or not you liked it!


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