should i accept this unbelievable offer to move out of my house?

OK here is my problem, I’m 23 and I’m married and i have a 6 month old daughter and the house I’m living in has been in my family for countless years. it was my grandfathers house and he is in a home now. I have been living here since i was 9 and my husband and i have now been here for 3 years after my mom and dad moved out to get a better house, so i have a lot of history in this house, i was even married under the the mulberry tree in the front yard, BUT this house is infested with roaches and water bugs. there are mice living in the walls and under the tub that wont drain properly. we are still connected to septic tanks because we cant afford to connect to the sewer. the pipes under the sink in the kitchen are leaking, water is coming from the bath tub flooding my floors and yes there is mold growing. there are cracks around all the windows, the ceiling is collapsing in a bedroom, the house its constantly either cold in the winter or hot like a sauna in the summer. i have to check my baby’s crib every few hours to make sure there are no roaches or moths or earwigs sleeping with her. the mice are eating our groceries that we just bought. ive all ready threw out half of it. and to solve the problem we’ve bombed the house for bugs twice with no effect, if anything it attracted more and ive set out 4 glue traps for the mice and caught 23 in 3 days. disgusting, i know and we cant afford to tent the house or remodel it, itd be too expensive and we would have to leave anyways for the project to be done. but my husbands best friend who is 19 years old has offered us to move in with him into a huge house with a 1/2 acre yard and pool, bug free, mice free, safer for the baby. for only 400 a month for rent and half of utilities. the mortgage on the house is 2000 a month and his friend can afford it easily by himself but wants us to move in. its an offer to good to be true and my husband is all for it. he and his friend has told me to think of the babies safety because shes not safe here or in this neighborhood (my next door neighbors house as in the one directly beside me has got broken into twice in 2 months) which makes me feel like im not being careful with my child, they are both against me wanting to stay here and the only reason i want to is because this is a family home and id feel guilty for leaving it, my parents have no one else to put into the house and don’t want it vacant for fear of vandalism and they are both too busy to play landlord with their daughter, am i being irrational about this? should i just take the deal on the new house? should i stay in my family home where we live by ourselves? i have plenty of time to think about it since my husbands friend is waiting for his dad to move out of the house so he can take over and buy the house from his dad. i just don’t know what to do, i don’t know what to think, i don’t know what i should say, other than ill think about it, especially since my husbands friend has just told me he will pack our stuff for us and move it over by himself because he doesn’t want my baby living in this house anymore. which makes me feel like a bad person and mother because my husbands best friend is being more cautious about my child’s well being when she isn’t even his. i hate the idea of bugs and mice and my baby getting sick, and i don’t mind the cleaning, i know there are big repairs that need to be done to this place, but i also know we cant afford it. we pay 400 a month here plus utilities no deposit, the yard has gone to hell, there is no grass in the front yard, and too much grass in the back with gophers and we cant afford for anything to be done to them. and with the other house its freshly remodeled, huge yards, excellent kitchen (that he says i will love), no, i haven’t seen the house yet simply because im afraid too. i know if i see it ill want it and not give it a second thought. but this is my family i have to think of not just myself. i don’t want to leave my families home but i don’t want my daughter ending up hurt or sick.
like i said i don’t know what to do
please give me any form of advice
anything that you think would help me with my decision

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