Should I be concerned about my husband?

He owns a successful business which keeps him away from home, believe me that’s not an issue, in our situation absence makes life bearable. Anyway he decided to sell his portion of the company and purchase a bar in our town. He will be sinking everything we have into this tavern, not a huge concern, our town is full of drunks.
The problem is he will be here all the time, how am I going to cope? I can’t lay around drinking cognac and in my underwear anymore.
He will expect me to clean and care for the children. No more naps no more lawn boys.

One more thing the bar he is buying is a gay bar.
We have a thriving gay community. Our bar is currently one of 3 "gay friendly" establishments. We attract all the homo’s from the surrounding areas. Some towns aren’t as tolerant as ours.
I am a terrible Mother, Thank You
This is a totally honest sincere question. I wish I were kidding, its going to be a huge adjustment having home all the time.

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