should i live in a dorm or apartment the first year of college?

im going to the university of texas next year and am trying to decide where to live. here are my pros and cons.

For Dorm:
pros-on campus makes it easy to get to classes, library, anything i need for studies, food late at night
-will be around lots of people like me so i would never feel lonely or isolated
-easy to get involved in activities
-might make it easier to make friends
-lets me experience true college life

cons- i don’t want to live with a random roommate
-I think community bathrooms are gross
-i dont like the whole idea of the sink being in the dorm room, i like privacy when putting on makeup, brushing teeth, etc
-will be more expensive.
-people around me might be loud

pros-rate is cheaper than what I would pay for a dorm, including utilities
-my own bedroom and bathroom
-will still be with my 2 friends
-the apartment is only for ut students so I wouldn’t be living near older people
-there is a bus that takes you back and forth from the campus

Cons-might feel isolated from the college
-commuting would make me have to wake up earlier
-feel lonely at the apartment if my 2 friends are in class but im not
-harder to make friends
-would have to clean dishes, bathroom etc when should be studying
-my 2 friends will be sophomores so they might have a different mindset than me.

there are probably more things i could add to each list but these were the first things i thought of.

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