Should I make this repair? Power train control module…?

Hey guys just need a little investment assessment before I tell the dealership to go ahead with a repair. I’ve got a 2002 Dodge Neon. Apparently some wire on my first fuel injector got "chewed by a rodent" but the guy that replaced it said "it looks like someone doesn’t like you," meaning that it was such a clean cut he didn’t think it was a rodent.

Anyway, I had that replaced for an easy 143. What we realized then was that the faulty injector caused the computer to short and now I need to have him replace and reprogram the entire power train control module. This repair would be like 888, and take 3-4 days. This is a huge loss for me, but I can swing it.

My question is, is it completely worth it to do the repair?


-I’ve already sunk money into the diagnostics, so if I don’t it will be like 80-135 in the hole
-My engine will run at full efficiency
-I can really sell the car without getting the repair so I might as well do it eventually, right?

-The guy said he’s seen people drive cars like this for like 50-60 thousand miles and haven’t had problems.
-It’s going to be seriously inconveniencing coming back into town to get my car.

When my engine is running like this, and by the way, the issue is just that the 1st injector isn’t work, am I experiencing significantly worse fuel efficiency or potentially setting myself up to damage another part of the car? Are there any variables I’m not seeing, such as, say, other options?

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