Should I pay utilities over the summer?

Hello all! I currently have a lease that goes until next summer with 3 other roommates. Two of us will be leaving for about 3 months and the other about 1 month. So my question is: Should I be paying the utilities. My personal opinion is no, but some people disagree with me.

To be clear, I will continue paying internet/cable since that is essentially a sunk cost. However, it really doesn’t make sense to me to pay water/electric. Specifically water. If I pay the water bill, it would be the equivalent of them buying and eating all the food and then asking me to pay half. It just doesn’t make sense. For electric, I understand that there is a certain amount of power that needs to be used to cool down the house and I have (rather graciously I think) agreed to pay a small part of the electric.

This doesn’t seem to be enough for my roommates. How would you handle this situation?

Thank You!

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