Should I take legal action against my landlord?

In December of 2009 I found an apartment, via the Trader publication, at 2619 W. Washington Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. The apartment was a one bedroom with utilities included in the rental agreement. The apartment was conveniently located on a bus line, which allowed me to attend classes with no delay. During this time, I was receiving unemployment while attending college full-time. I met with Hector Huerra, the landlord and explained my situation to him and expressed my desire to move in. Hector told me that normally, he does not give anyone who is not working an apartment, but he saw that I was genuine and honest and decided to give me a chance. After giving Hector a deposit of 0, I moved in the same day.The rental agreement was that rent was to be paid weekly at a rate of 0, or to be paid bi-weekly at a rate of 0. Seeing that my unemployment was paid weekly at an amount of 2, I chose the weekly arrangement. I also kept receipts of the money orders I used to pay the rent in their entirety. In February of 2010, my unemployment ran out and I was unable to pay my rent. When I went to Hector and told him of my situation, he told me not to worry about it, focus on my schooling and let him know what develops. Although Hector told me this, I still felt bad because he had been good to me as a landlord. Shorty after, I found a job and was able to pay on the back rent that I owed. In March of 2010, my unemployment was extended and for a few more weeks, I was able to pay rent on time. Also during this time, Hector began working on my bathroom, replacing the tub with a shower.The work that was to be completed on my bathroom was never fully accomplished. Hector only had one other person, Julio, who was assisting him with maintenance duties. I found out later that Hector suffered from cancer and due to his illness, he was unable to complete tasks around the apartments. I eventually found work which allowed me to pay my rent on time and I have receipts to prove that fact. It was also during this time, Hector enabled Julio with a building in which he could sell merchandise out of at his leisure. In doing so, this took Julio from his maintenance duties which also inhibited further work on my apartment. My kitchen sink also became clogged and after several attempts on my end to fix the sink, I was unsuccessful. I notified both Hector and Julio of the sink and was told by Julio that “he would get around to coming up to my place to take a look at it.” In December of 2010, I began to notice a severe decline in the overall upkeep of the apartment. Still dealing with the bathroom and sink in the condition they were in, I still continued to pay rent. During this time I found out that Hector would be leaving to go down south so that the weather conditions would not affect his health. I explained to Hector that once again, I was let go from an assignment and that unemployment would not be guaranteed. He once again told me not to worry and that “he would not put me out because I was his favorite tenant.” I finished college and proceeded to look for employment and always let Hector know what was going on. It was also during this time I discovered that Hector’s cell phone was in Julio’s possession. Whenever I tried to contact Hector, Julio would answer and any information that I had for Hector I would ask Julio to relay it to him.In January of 2011, I was once again denied for an unemployment extension. The following month I went to my local trustee’s office to apply for rental assistance. Once I was approved, I immediately let Hector know via Julio and provided Hector the voucher in the amount of 0. Through the grace of God, I finally obtained employment and felt that I would be able to keep up with the rental payments. On April 11, 2011, I came to Hector with another voucher for 0 and told him about the job I acquired. He was very happy and proud of me. A week later I found out through Julio that Hector had passed away. Throughout the course of me working, I felt that something was not right because I did not see nor hear from Hector. A short while later I found out that Hector’s widow, Maria would be taking over as the landlord of the apartments. I met with Maria and explained the situation to her and assured her that no matter what I owed that I would pay everything up to be in good standing. She informed me that she would work with me to ensure that we could get this taken care of.Unfortunately I was laid off from the job I obtained earlier than expected. The job started on April 19th and was to end on June 3rd. I was laid off on May 11th. With the last paychecks I received, I made attempts to pay the weekly rent. I attempted to try the trustee again with no luck.When I told her, she said she would "do something drastic" and told me I have a week to find somewhere to go.What should I do?

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