so f***ing annoying!?

my roommate is irritating me… and i by that i mean she is driving me INSANE. i’ve known her for more than a year now, and a few months ago we decided to buy a trailer house together. DUMB idea. very very stupid. allow me to explain.

-she NEVER does any dishes. we can use every dish in the house, and she still won’t do them. worse yet, she leaves food and trash on her plates and lets the rotting mess sit in the sink for weeks! every time i mention it, she says she was planning on doing it tomorrow, but never does. when there’s no clean dishes, she complains about it, and when someone else finally does them, she complains about how they’ve been put away.
-she’s constantly drinking or at the bars, spends all her money, then complains to me about how she can’t afford to pay her bills. also, she never buys groceries. i’ve spent more than 0 for food for all of us since the last time she bought groceries. she always says she doesn’t have the money, but yet she somehow scrapes up enough to get wasted at the bars. every night.
-any time i want to have friends over, i have to go out into the living room, where i hardly spend any of my time, and clean up her piles of garbage that have been chilling on the coffee table/ living room floor since the last time i cleaned.
-she brings all these guys over, and her "type" is the super-annoying ‘let’s talk about me’ type that never shuts up. imagine that. and of course, she brings them over when i’m making dinner and i’m expected to not only be polite and to engage in conversation with this fool, but to feed him too. and when i have company over, she’ll act snobby and rude, and then complain about my friends after they leave.
-i very very rarely drink, so when i do, it’s not a lot. i’ll leave the remainder in the fridge, and it will be gone, guaranteed, within the first 24 hours.
-i always have to hear about her latest fling, and how she wonders why he won’t get serious and i just want to scream, "BECAUSE YOU ARE A STUPID, SLUTTY SORORITY-QUEEN-WANNABE WASTE OF OXYGEN WHO NEEDS TO PUT THE F***ING BOTTLE DOWN AND GROW THE F**K UP!!! … ahem.

anyway. i don’t know what else to do. i am just sick of providing her food and comfort, and getting nothing in return. what am i supposed to do about it?
that’s the thing… i took out a loan and actually bought this place with her.

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