So how bad is it to date your sisters boyfriend?

I have a boyfriend whom I’ve been with for about months. I met him when i was waitress in a breakfast restaurant about 4 years ago. When he first started as a cook we hit it of as friends i mean he was hilarious and sweet but he wasn’t really my type, and at the time i had a boyfriend.
We were great friends and of course always at the same parties and such, i mean we worked together had all of the same friends. Then about 5 months past and i got my sister a job, she is gorgeous but deadly. I’m not putting my sister down at all but she can be, for lack of better words a bitch. Anyway she found and liking to him and of course him to her, like i said she is beautiful. They dated for no lie about 3 weeks. She found someone else she wanted to sink her teeth into.
We of course stayed friends, he was i could say one of my best friends. About 2 years went by and things were the same he was my best friend my sister hated it but that’s that. Then i got promoted to manager and moved to a different location. I came from one of the best stored in our district and was sent there to shape things up! The biggest problem i found in the restaurant was the cooks, they were terrible. So i decided I needed to send one of my cooks over here, and of course; i would bring along my best friend.
I would commute about an hour each day with him, 5 days a week. We started getting allot closer, of course we did i mean we would be together about 12 hours 5 days a week. This went on for about a year. It always seemed like he was flirting with me I liked it, but never did anything about it because he dated my sister.
Every year he has a huge Halloween party he rents a hall dj the works. I had just broke up with my boyfriend and wanted to party meet some guys and of course get wasted!!! So i got all dolled up, i have to admit i make a pretty freakin hottt firefighter! when i got to the party of course i made my way straight to the bar and started dancing, when he say me i could see he was very surprised at my sexy attire and hair and make-up all done up, thanks to my bff jessie! He asked me to dance which isn’t out of the ordinary at all. I kept dancing and kept drinking, wasted just how i wanted it. He was able to get the hall till 1am and after that there was an after party at his house. I usually don’t go about 1am i call it a night around that time, but i was feeling wild, and of course those shots had a big roll in my decision making time. At his house there was music and of course more drinking, we began to dance and he started getting really touchy and feely but i liked it and this time thanks to my drinks didn’t stop him in fact i led him on. Something about my sexy costume the drinks the fact that he was gorgeous and trying to make my boyfriend jealous led me to do something that the usual me wouldn’t do, i took his hand and led him into his room. In his room i was a different me i was sexy, I took control kissed him grabbed him and as i later found out gave him some sort of strip tease. =/
The next morning i woke up running into the restroom to vomit…. sexy! I didn’t know where i was but looking around the cubs decor in the bathroom i felt nauseous and it wasn’t the hangover nauseous it was the wtf did i just do nauseous. When i stepped out of the restroom after what felt like an hour he was walking in the room with some coffee… sweet. I took the coffee and took a few sips without saying a word, he didn’t say anything either. I got dressed and faked i had to be somewhere all i said was "thanks for the coffee, it’s delish."
About an hour went by and i got a very expected text message, " Im sorry about what happened, i have always liked you and im not going to lie i really really liked it, but i just wish it would have been different. The only thing i regret is it not being more tasteful and romantic because that’s what u deserve your a beautiful person inside and out. Please don’t let this hurt our friendship. I want to start over, how about dinner and a movie." It was the sweetest message i have ever gotten. Needless to say i went to dinner and movie, it was one of the best dates i’ve ever had. Of course later that evening we both knew it was time to touch the subject that was hiding on the back of our minds the entire evening, my sister. After long long long discussions about it we decided it would be better if we just kept as a secret for now until the appropriate time came.
Things were great, wonderful in fact, of course my sister began to wonder where i was spending all my time and why i was being so secretive,being very Intelligent snoopy she figured it out. She went on my phone read some text messages and found out that later on that evening we where going to meet up at my favorite burger joint. She followed me and had the most dramatic outburst I’ve ever witnessed.
It’s been like I said 10 months and she is yet to forgive

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