Suing Ex-Landlord for Deposit?

I am suing my old landlord for part of deposit. He falsified times – he put repair times under cleaning because he knew legally he couldn’t charge me to fix anything because he told me not to fix anything (he charged me for 47 hours of cleaning – even though it only takes about 6 hours to clean the house top to bottom – it wasn’t in a filthy condition). He charged me for a new kitchen sink and didn’t list why (the kitchen sink was in perfect working order). He charged me for the electricity used while they were cleaning – even though the bill they sent says something totally different. I sent him a certified letter disputing some of the charges, and the letter cam back unclaimed. So I filed my small claims. He has been served, and I got an e-mail from him this morning asking why I felt it was necessary to have sent the dispute letter via certified mail, and requested a copy of the letter with the things I am disputing.

Should I provide him the letter with what I am disputing or should I just tell him tough luck – you’ll find out when we go to small claims?
We sent him the dispute (bill) via certified mail. He chose not to claim it – it came back to us unclaimed. So we did try.

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