Swollen eye help please urgent?

Ok so my little sister put this barbie makeup on my eyelids, and she put eyeliner all over them and drew a unibrow cat eyes and such. to get to the point, my left eye is now swollen. I have had cellulitis a few years back, and it went away. Im wondering if it’s possible to get it aagain??? here’s what i did to get rid of the makeup. about 15 minutes later, i hopped in the shower, and used a standard bar of soap on my eye after wetting it with hot water. It was stinging a lot. I got out due to the pain and put cold water from the sink on it. Then, i went back in the shower and thouroghly rinsed it with the hot water. After this, i dried up. about 10 minutes later, it was stinging like hel, so i put a cold bounty on it for one minute. i did this again w/ a fresh paper towel. i also opened my eyes in the sink water incase something was in them. Then i put another towel all over my face. I had a hororible sleep scince my sister woke me up w/ her screams about 23 times (no exaggerations) and i am really tired. It feels puffy and looks a little purple right in the crease. Actually there are two creases, and it looks like my eyelid is about to cover my eye. Urgent help please!!!

I can’t go to school with a swollen eye i have a concert thingy tomorrow and i cant miss it!!
please help for an easy ten points!!!

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