Tail and Fin rot on moonlight gourami? Is there anything else i can do?

last saturday i bought
2 moonlight gouramis
2 pearl
and 4 cories

on Wednesday i noticed that her tail was completely weird, it had a red line seperating it from about midsection ?
and tail fin was all ..flaky ?

so i quickly started looking for medicine
i identified it as tail and fin rot and started treating the fish right away (only 1 of the moonlights)

before i thought she would die, because she just floated on the bottom, but still ate cause i sank food for her

now she swims around and is basically like any other fish, except the other moonlight (and not the pearls for some reason, except today, today even 1 of the pearls was harassing her, but she chased him off) bites at her tail

i suspect hes the reason it gets worse every day ?
unless the treatment isnt working because i caught it too late ?


its saturday now and i am still using treatment, just cleaned out 25% like instructions said

but her tail is this..red stick ? (not really stick but its chipped)
her fins are flaky
and the whisker things? lol not sure what they are called
are even splitting upwards

i feel horrible that i cant seperate her in a different tank, because my genius father dropped it after i begged him not to move it because i would

and now the others are just picking at her and i feel horrible

i keep thinking shel die any day now, but she keeps on swimming
which is good, but i know her fins wont repair themselves at such damage, and im afraid that shes in pain
and i feel horrible

i had to shut off the filter cause it was sucking her in =(

is there anything else i can do ?!
because i hate that she’s suffering but i have no where else to put her
and i cant buy another tank at the moment

thank you
all comments are appreciated !

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