TEENS: My brother is the biggest jerk. Do any of your siblings do this?

I’m fifteen years old and I have a twin brother ( who is also fifteen years old, ovbiously)

I am not good friends or am close to my brother at all. My best friend doesn’t understand how him and I aren’t close. (she has a younger brother and sister who are twins and they are really close) and her mom (who I’m really close with can’t fathom why we aren’g close and why it comes off that I hate him. until I told them how my brother really is.

I don’t hate my brother (because I can’t hate my brother, ever.) but 99 percent of the time he is annoying. and I know that I sound like girl who always says " OH em GEE. I hate my brother. He is such an annoying weasel. ughhh. "

but I honestly, can’t stand him half the time. not to say that I’m little-goody-perfect-two-shoes or anything. but my brother has ethical problems.

(first these aren’t really ethical, more like hygenic problems.)

he showers maybe twice a week. Never cleans his room, wears clothes until they look physically grimey and dirty. he smells fairly bad, and when my mom says " take a shower." He refuses. and my mom doesn’t do a freaking thing. She just gives up. And I will have to share a bathroom with him once we move into our new house. UNLESS it has three full and separate bathrooms. But that’s rare, usually there are only 2.5 bathrooms. and my stepdad says that I can’t share their bathroom (I only need to shower in there.) He pees all over the seat, because he’s too lazy to lift it, and pees all over the floor, never flushes, leaves dirty band-aids in the sink.
and he uses my razor, because I already have to share a shower with him. how do I know? well, I CLEAN all of the hair out of it. (which is only stubble.) The stuff I find in the razor the next time I shower, is not how I left it. He has no hygene, and it’s unacceptable.

now, to the ethics part. he lies even when you saw him do something. he steals money out of my mom’s purse. and I say " Jonah, I saw you take the money out of mom’s purse." and he says, " No I didn’t." even if I WATCHED him do it.

and he does it to me too. He’s probably stolen at least 30 bucks out of my wallet. I have to HIDE my money in a secret box. And I have to count it and keep track of it. and when I confront him about it, he denies it. and my mom doesn’t do anything about it. because he hides it some place, and his room is a black hole. and my mom just shakes her head like " well, what are you going to do?" and I’m there thirty bucks short, and that’s my hard-earned money i get from babysitting.

and he steals food too. I have to hide the food for my lunch or else he eats it all. he just sits and dominates the living room, and eats my food. the only thing I can’t keep in my room are my yogurts. and I come home from babysitting or from a run, and he has eaten 4 yogurts, 8 granola bars and a bottle of soda.

and then he goes INTO my room to find where I hide the food. I hide a box new of granola bars (8 pack) and then I come home from running, and there is ONE left. I was gone 30 minutes, and he ate them all. and I ask him, he shoved the wrappers in a drawer. I tell my mom and she just calls him a pig.

I come home from sleeping over at my friend’s house to find my box of fruit bars GONE. just an empty container. and I tell my mom and she goes " what do you want me to do?" and I say "punish him… buy me more?" I’m starving in my own home, prettymuch. and he lies and says he doesn’t do anything.

He acts like he’s five. He’s fifteen for God’s sake. and I have to deal with this. And I look like the bad person when I don’t talk to him in school or I don’t invite him out places with my friends. but it’s because he lies and I can’t take liars, especially when it’s my own brother. and He’s embarassing because he is so dirty and unhygenic. I just dont know what to do anymore.

any help? please!
And sorry guys that this is so long, and it’s another complaining about a family member, but I really don’t think I can take this anymore.

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