Tenant in much need of some advice?

We had moved into our apartment almost a year ago….and we rented it without knowing that we wouldnt have a furnace for a month…in the end it took them a month to put in a furnace in January in Minnesota…and we basically had to beg them to get it in and get it hooked up…it was cold enough that we couldn’t even live there but we were still expected to pay rent. Now the summer comes along…and we are supposed to have centeral air…but it’s not hooked up…. we have a 19 month old, and it has been 95 degrees in our apartment the last two weeks…we asked our landlords almost a month and a half ago to hook up the air conditioning and he makes excuses and sometimes when we call he will act like he didnt know it wasnt hooked up yet…and then telling us it would be hooked up the following day, but the following day no body shows…and the apartment remains hot. In our lease it states and states clearly that the landlord is responsible to fix or repair any problems in our apartment (sink, toilet, heat, ac…etc) And he has yet to fix our air conditioning… We found a townhouse and will be hopefully moving into it the 20th of August. We were discussing with holding our rent payment where we are, because they still have not hooked up our air conditioning, which has caused us to have to stay else where….by law can we with hold rent? And if not…can we pay the "daily" amount to live here…instead of paying for the whole month?

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