The best joke in the world! Tell me if you like it!?

A chinese man walks into a bar and sits next to Steven Spielberg the famous movie director. As he was about to sit he was slapped by the famous director. Stunned the Chinese man asked “why in hell did you slap me?”. Steven Spielberg coolly said that he hated Vietnamese becaused he had a brother who was killed in the Vietnam war. The Chinese said I am Chinese not Vietnamese. Steven Spielberg said “Chinese, Vietnamese or Siamese you're all the same!

After a while the Chinese gave Steven Spielberg a harder slap. Stunned, Steven Spielberg asked ” why in hell did you slap me?”.
Coolly the Chinese man replied “Both my parents were killed on Titanic”.
Steven replied “The Titanic sunk because of an iceberg, what has that got to do with me?'
The Chinese answered : ” Iceberg, Carlberg or Spielberg you're all the same!”.


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