This guy's basement went on fire during a party!?

My name is Andrew and I’m 15.

This guy named Scott that I hate a lot invited me to a party at his house. I went only because my friends Peter and Mark were also going.

At Mark’s house I ate some food and then I started to dance. Then Scott made ice cream sundaes and they were very good. When I was done my sundae, I saw someone (idk who though!!) go upstairs with a can of gasoline. Scott hangs out with some pretty weird people so i was just like ok whatever.

A little later we smelled smoke. I noticed smoke coming out of all the vents in the kitchen and living room. Scott went into his basement and me and Peter and Mark followed him down.

Scott went into the utility closet think and it was like FILLED with smoke! It was coming from the air conditioning system thingy and it was like seriously about to explode!

We all ran back upstairs and then I heard an explosion and I looked back and there was fire coming out. We all started yelling OMG FIRE!!!! and everyone was screaming and running out of the house!!

Scott grabbed a fire extinguisher from under the kitchen sink and he tried to put out the fire himself but there was too much smoke and stuff so he had to call 911.

About 15 minutes later, 2 firetrucks and 2 police cars showed up. They put out the fire and the police put out caution tape. They said it looked like someone started the fire in the vent system with gasoline and a lighter. I think it was the guy I saw walking past with that gasoline can!!

Scott’s basement is like totally ruined now.

Should I find out who did this??

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