Tis better to buy or rent?

know the respective advantages of ownership so I’ll list the disadvantages of it and advantages of renting.

Advantages of renting:

1.) Easy to move. Either wait till your lease runs out or if you must, stiff them and take the hit on your credit. If a nice, new apartment is built a few miles away next to all the cool bars and restaurants, move there. Not so easy to do with a house.

2.) Maintenance. In a house if your hot water heater, sink, stove, fridge or toilet breas or you need a new driveway, your problem. In an apartment, it will be replaced. The exterior of the structure is also maintained.

3.) Renter’s insurance is cheap!

4.) No yard work!!!!!

Disadvantages of renting would include the fact that rent itself is a sunk cost. But so are property taxes. So are HOA fees if you live in a condo. Even for a modest size house or condo these two could amount to over ,000 – 3,000 a year, which depending on one’s income, could completely negate the interest write off on income taxes.

So, is it really better to own than rent?

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