To what extend am I liable?

I bought a second floor condo unit in Feb and did some remodeling and rent to a tenant in April 2nd. Couple of days later I got a call from him saying, the tenants down stairs came back from vacation and found that their kitchen sink was overflowing. They called the HOA who send a plumber. They plumber reported that the clogging is due to sand deposits in the pipeline caused by the remodeling in the unit above.

I visited the unit below the next day and the unit owner showed me their wood laminate in a small area popping out because of water damage. There is not other damage that I could find. By that time they have already dried the kitchen cabinets (the water was overflowing the counter top.) I told him that I shall repair the floor if I it need to be repaired.

I got an email from the property manager for HOA with an invoice from the plumber. He also said I am responsible for all the damages to the unit below.

I visited the unit again and this time the unit owner came up with new discoveries. He showed me a crack where the laminate counter top meets the backsplash. This crack can no way be caused by water damage. This is the kind of damage you see in very old counter tops. If its water damage, the laminate would be coming off the particle board where its fixed. I showed the damages to a guy who was working in my unit and he told me that the crack in the countertop is not caused by water damage. Now, I am wondering if this guy is going to use this opportunity to take advantage of me. It seems like he is looking for a brand new kitchen counter top.

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