Tragus piercing has sunk in ? What next ?

Okay . First off , I got my tragus done on a whim . So , I didnt do much reasearch , MISTAKE 1. Ended up getting it done by a gun . MISTAKE 2 . I realize these mistakes so please dont remind me .

Now , I woke up , and the stud sank into the hole , and began to heal over . I popped it back through , it looks fine . I called my piercer and he reccomended taking it out if it looked bad . It doesnt look bad , it doesnt hurt anymore so I want to save it .

But I noticed he told me the stud was too small for swelling , now . . I had it for 3 weeks so . . im sure its gonna still be going through things . Should I change it to a bar ?

And as far as these soaks go . . how do I soak my ear ! I dont get it !


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