Tragus rejection?or just a little irritated?

okay so i got my tragus pierced about 6 weeks ago,now i know what everyone’s going to say when i say this next few bits lol but i went into this place and they had just started piercing,they had this guy in who everyone swore by that he was amazing,so i had it done and he put in a nose bar I KNOW,so everythin was fine but jesus it hurt!! and then it comes to about 4 days later and i had delayed reaction so my ear swelled later than it should i went back and the bar was sinking slowly more and more into the whole so he had to use tweezers so rip out the nose bar from my ear,i was crying in pain ,shaking,sweating eveythin because of the pain i was going through,so he put a BCR in it and it was fine but now its gone slightly raised around the whole ,bit red and crusty,it doesn’t look like a rejected piercing because if i had a labret in it you wouldnt even be able to see the redness,i had my tragus pierced on the other side last week with someone else,a women may i add as there gentler lol and this ones absolutly fine,could it just be a bit tender at the moment or is it starting to reject

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