Trickle down isn't working. Trickle up isn't working. What will work?

Focus on supply side economics isn’t working. Attempting to stimulate demand through social programs is less documented, but it doesn’t seem to be enough by itself either.

So what will work? What regulations would you like to see that would encourage some activities over others? How would you structure the real world to improve the economic outlook?

Telling me to re-arrange the financial picture is much like telling the captain of the Titanic to rearrange the furniture in the dining room. The whole thing seems to be sinking, so how do we build a rescue vessel NOW?

What changes will make a difference in the economic pie? Historically, baking bigger, better and more nourishing pies has been the solution to growing the economy. Yet reality is incremental. HOW do we get people to buy into the increments of improving the world around us to improve our financial picture?

An example of the suggestions I’m looking for would be the industry-agreement to come up with a fleet average of 55 MPG. What ideas are out there?
No one is asking anyone to give up your gas guzzler. I would prefer not to subsidize your choice to use it, though.

The industry wants to avoid regulations from the government, so they have indeed "agreed" to establish a higher fleet average somewhere down the road.

I’m not sure why when it is a certain type of person getting into what goes on in my bedroom, it’s okay for the government to regulate – even discussions between me and my health-care provider are limited if the provider gets any government funds. Yet attempt to establish any sort of reasonable control of the flow of money out of the country to oil producing nations friendly or otherwise, and it is too much. I know which one affects my neighbor and which one does not.

But that’s a different subject.
Doc, I like your humor. I feel as if the world is sideways quite often.
It will be hard to pick a "best answer." Gene, Titou, Nancy, and ABG – you all make good points. AS USUAL!! I’m not sure the bank reform will give the economy the shot it needs, but it clearly worth looking into. Reforming local government – Absolutely needed. Military withdrawals? It would hurt a few of my own family members financially, but bringing them home would be better for the country. ABG – some of your stuff is right in line with my own thinking. Some may be a bit to my left, some to my right.

I’ll think this over. Thank you for the answers, even to those who didn’t really answer but only disagreed with my basic premise.

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