Two piercing questions…it's concerning my monroe again…but its very general?

Okay so I've calmed down and I have two piercing questions.

1.) As some of you may recall my idiot piercer put a bar in that was WAY too small. It freaked me out when the ball at the end SUNK into my skin. I went back and some other guy put a longer bar in. Everythings okay but the ball at the end looks so much bigger. Would I know if he put in like an 18g and not a 16g?

2. When my piercing heals and I can switch piercings is it possible to shrink it down from a 16g to a 14g? Just curious. PLEASE don't tell me to go back to the piercer today and ask them, ect…the place is an hour away and I had to bring my mother with me last time. :/ She was not happy.

I dont feel comfortable calling them because the guy was very intimidating. No way no how. And i think i bothered them enough.

thank you very much to the first answerer.

hella sexy- eff no. it looks gorgeous on me.


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