Utility/Laundry Sink Faucet Replacement Help?

Hey guys, someone asked me to help them replace their really old Laundry sink facet. It isn’t worth trying to fix the tap itself because it is so damn old. I have never done one before. Anyways, the hot and cold water are connecting straight into 3/4” copper. The people painted the copper with paint unfortunately(dont know why?).

Can I just cut the copper off at the tee’s for hot and cold, take out old faucet. Then proceed to sand off the paint about an inch on each side for the new T’s and connect a new faucet that way? Any ideas..any visual aids or videos? I am more of a visual guy. I can watch it once and then do it.
Maynard the one faucet is stripped/broken. Its so old its not even worth repairing it. Might aswell update the system a bit since faucets are cheap anyways.

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