Ok so I have a huge crush on my neighbor and I thought he may have possibly had a crush on me because we spent 3 hours talking to one another on my steps last night BUT here's the scenario: Went to a bar tonight some random guy tries to talk to me I'm laughing and smiling because the things he was saying were funny unfortunately the guy who I have a huge crush on witnessed the whole thing. Next thing you know I see him grab this girls waist, sit her on his lap, and kiss her neck and I know he knows I witnessed the whole thing (and my heart sunk…). Why did he do that? Was he trying to pay me back for talking to that guy (btw – I did eventually brush the guy off). Next thing you know he he makes some flippant comment to me and leaves the bar.


Question: WHY DID HE DO THAT? Does he like me?

btw – we didnt go to the bar together.


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