Water in the bathroom sink and shower stall are backing up?

Water backed up and drained very slowly in the shower stall when the problem started. Poured in salt, baking soda and vinegar couple times and it didn’t work. Did the same in the bathroom sink and it didn’t work. Used the "One Second Plummer" in the shower stall and it didn’t work either. Later on, whenever we used water in the bathroom sink, it backed up right away on the shower stall side. There is a big chunk of black stuff coming out of the shower stall side. What have we done wrong? Basically, it gets worse than the problem started. Should we try more baking soda/vinegar? Liquid Drainno? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are not a handy man and currently can’t afford to hire a professional plumber.
Thanks to all who replied. I think I will stop pouring salt into the drain. Anyway, I finally went out to buy the expensive unclogging chemical (not Drano brand) and the problem is solved. I’m a happy camper again! Thanks all!

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