Weird dream…What does it mean?

Ok. I’ll try to make this as short as possible because i know people don’t like to read long paragraphs. (I’m sort of like that too) Anyways,

It all started with me in the basement. I looked in some draws and i found this cute yet dirty baby. I

wanted to clean it because it was crying very loudly. So i took some soap (that happened to be on

this blow up bed) and rubbed it all over the baby’s body. The baby was no covered in soap. But then

i needed to wash it off. So i went into "my dad’s workshop" at least it was. In real life, it’s now a

home for my cat. That we’ve had for a long time. So i walked in and tried to use the sink but the

sink wasn’t working.

The baby kept crying so loudly. In a desperate attempt at finding water, i decided to use the water

that the cat didn’t drink to wash the baby off. When i took out the water and poured it onto the

baby, my cat stared at me with it’s eyes open. It moved it mouth. It mouthed "what?" Like it was

shocked or angry i used it’s water. It ran at me trying to bite me although it couldn’t really do shit to

me since it’s teeth were small. I tried to push it off and explain why i did it but every time i pushed it

back it kept coming.

I became very angry. So i let the cat bite my arm and that let me pick it up. I picked it up and it

started trying to scratch me and bite me. (Although we got it’s claws taken off a long time ago)

I was enraged. So, i punch the cat in the jaw. It stopped screaming for some reason. It just stared

at me plainly with the creepiest look in it’s face. Then i punched it in the jaw again. ( I heard a crack

in it’s jaw) I then punched it again and a little bit of blood came out.

Then i punched it again and i broke the cat’s jaw. I punched it one last time and the jaw turned red

and curled up over the cat’s face slightly Maybe from the swelling? I punched it one last time and

his mouth was glowing white and blue colors. (An outline) I threw it on the ground and it laid there

dead. Not moving. I poked it and it was dead. Then i woke up.

After the dream i blinked and i saw this wolf’s head 3 times. Then i looked ahead at all my sweaters

and right above one of the bars on my bed, i saw this little dog. It’s body was outlined in black and it

was barking. It showed it’s mouth moving and it was growling ahead. It then looked like it was

laughing. Then ran away. 2 hours later when i blinked i saw 911 really quickly for some time. Then

after 911 disappeared, 666 appeared. It was highlighted in red. Then the hallucinations stopped. At

least i think that’s what it because it wasn’t a dream. (what happened after the dream.)
I forgot i then saw the dog run back and it looked like it was killing something.
i’m always careful whenever i help someone or something. I’m never reckless about it and am always alert and cautious about anything that might happen.

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