Were there 'sinking deniers' on the Titanic?

Were there people on board who, when told of the collision, replied “What iceberg? I see no iceberg!” Did they insist that icebergs did not sink ships, or that icebergs didn’t come this far south, or even deny that there was any such thing as an iceberg?

When the ship had stopped, did they say “They’ve just stopped the ship to keep us at sea longer so we spend more of our hard earned money at the bar! This whole sinking thing is a scam, run by that commie captain and his crew, while those White Star liberals turn a blind eye!

When the bows started to get low in the water, did they say “It’s just a long term trend in the normal pitching motion of a ship at sea”.

“It’s nautical!”

As the evidence of an imminent sinking grew, did they change their minds? Or did they continue to demand “Full steam ahead” all the way to the bottom of the sea?

Finally, in this global warming analogy, how long before humanity sinks? Or is there still time to avoid the iceberg?

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