What are my options if my landlord is taking too long (>3 months) to fix preexisting problems?

My decision to rent this house has turned into a disaster. The day before we moved in we finally noticed the CAT URINE smell in the living and bedroom. We pointed it out the the LL and luckily he decided to get the carpets cleaned. But of course that didn’t fix the problem. Within the first week we also found the following problems with the house that were not noticeable during our walk through:

-Leaking Master bathroom toilet and shower causing bad floor
-Mold under kitchen laminate floor
-Wood under the sink destroyed by water damage.

All these things were pointed out within the first week of moving in. The LL has since repaired the leaky toilet and replaced the flooring in the bathroom, but the shower is still leaking through the wall into a small linen closet (We have to use the guest shower now). The LL had 2 or 3 plumbers out to asses the shower, but they have all got it wrong, blaming the doors when it’s obvious to me that its coming from the wall.

We are now finishing our 3rd month at the house and we hesitantly agreed to 0 off per month while the house is getting fixed, but it’s obvious now, that the house needed several repairs before we should have moved in and the LL did a horrible job finding the issues. The living room carpet still smells like cat urine, the kitchen mold is still present and the shelf under the kitchen sink is still not usable due to water damage. We are at wits end and want these problems fixed ASAP.

We have a 3 yr old and a 7 month old and we need both functioning bathrooms and a safe environment for the kids to live in. Now that 3 months have passed, can we fix the problems our self and deduct it from the rent even if he has had INEPT plumbers out here 3 times (last was about 2 weeks ago)? What are my options?

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